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How to order

- When you've desided that you want to order the first thing you do is to contact me. We'll discuss what kind of          intstrument you're interested in, sound, shape and accesories. Maybe you allready know exactly how you want it, or  else we'll discuss the possible options. I'll guide you.


- When we've come to a conclusion you'll pay a deposite to be placed in the queue. You'll be in line for about a year  before I start building your instrument.


- It takes me about 4 weeks to build a standard instrument, but of course it can take much longer if it is more complex. This is because I use templates to build the instrument. With standard intstruments I 've allredy got a stack of templates, but if you request more of a costum design I have to make new ones. And of course there can be more problemsolving if I've never built anything like it before. I don't leave anything to chance.


I'm looking forward to hear from you!

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