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Stompboard - The Goodfoot

It has taken me years to develope The Goodfoot. It started with me watching guitarists using similar products, but I couldn't find anyone good enough. So instead i looked at how folk musicians in Quebec has solved this problem. In Quebec there is a tradition of foottapping, where they use stompboards together with violinis or other instruments. With advice from stompboard musicians and with my own ideas I started testing, for hours and hours. All kinds of materials, pickups and constructions was evaluated. This is the end result.

   You have to think about that this is no substitute for a kickdrum, instead the sound resembles a picked up floor. That doesn't mean there's no bass frequences! But they are very low freaquences, so it takes a subbass to bring them out. You control the sound (of course) with EQ, but also with your choise of shoes. The output is an XLR male, and takes phantompower.

   You can choose between one foot or two feet.

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