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The Buizar

Top, back and sides

End result

A while ago I finished this, my first Buizar!

I recieved a unique request to build a crossover of a guitar and a bouzouki. A very interesting challange indeed! I wanted to get the guitar's sustain and bottom end, and the bouzouki's core, dynamique and personality. I chose to make the top out of cedar, the back and sides out of east indian rosewood, and the neck is made out of alder and walnut.

I gave the Buizar a floating bridge system, this was to get the recognisable bouzouki sound. The guitar-like body gives the Buizar a "larger" sound, and the client had requested this to be able to sit with the instrument in his lap, like a guitar.

I am very pleased with the result, and my client was really wowed! He was so pleased.

I can see a great deal of potential in this instrument and I will probably make it a standard model.

If yo are interested in more pictures or a sound sample, just send me an email!

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